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The Racing Tool that Pays Dividends…

December 9th, 2011

All of us racing people know that video is a powerful tool – we will sit and watch racing videos for hours no end. That’s why it should be no surprise that a video camera is a great racing investment: a mini video camera! Yes, they are pretty sweet in general, but have you thought about what a Flip or Playsports could do for your racing program?

With a bit of practice, you can use a video camera to produce racing content that takes your program to the next level. From producing racing recaps and insider-content for your team’s website to creating video-sponsor pitches to raise money for the season, video is the newest and most compelling media tool on the web right now. Give your fans a tour of your hauler or race shop, post an interview with your driver and crew, or pitch a sponsor on the benefits of partnering with your race team with the touch of a button. Video can be used by an race team, even Formula SAEĀ  clubs!

So you’re convinced – video is the way to go. Now which camera should you buy? Below are recommendations for only a few of the many choices out there.

1. Flip Video in HD

This is the video camera that I use to shoot racing videos. At $189, it’s a great value for a video that can handle the quick pace of racing on and off the track, along with 2 hours of memory available. The video quality is very good and it comes with software built-in to create movies of your own. Available at Amazon for $189.

2. Kodak PlaySport ZX3

On sale for under $100, this camera is one of the highest rated and most affordable options on the market. The advantages include the small size and ruggedness of the build. The camera is also waterproof, although it’s up to you how relevant that is to your race team! The video quality is fair to good – excellent if you consider the price – and you can take still shots with the camera as well. Available at Amazon for $89 (sale price – regularly $149).

That’s only a few of the many cameras that are available. To browse a full selection, check out Amazon’s extensive Camera and Video Section.

If you’re really into racing videos, you’ve certainly seen some shot from a place on the car. If you’re not familiar with how that’s done, you need to learn about the GoPro Hero cameras. The Motorsports Hero is a rugged camera that can be mounted pretty much anywhere on your car.

Not only can you use this video for sponsorship and fan videos, you can position this camera in different places on the car to observe how your setup is working , from watching the amount of shock travel, birdcage positioning and much more. And with a protective case, you never have to worry about it getting broken by a rock or dirt clump. It’s also protected in the event of a wreck, although it probably won’t survive a high impact direct hit.

At $199, the GoPro is definitely a great investment for anyone serious about their racing program. Available at Amazon.


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