The Most Realistic Racing Sim We’ve Ever Seen

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Okay. The general idea behind Motorsports Student is to help you find a college program that leads you to the career you want in motorsports, apply and get accepted, and find and apply to racing jobs when the time comes.

Serious life stuff.

But sometimes, you just have to have a little bit of fun.

That’s where racing games come in. I’m not going to lie – I’m no gaming expert. Frankly, racing games are the only ones I play.

And because of that, I want the most realistic, fun and challenging games. That’s why I’ve gotten a little bit hooked on a few games and components, including VRacerx4 x1

When I’m ready to blow off some steam but still want a challenge, I fire up VRacer on my computer (yeah, I know. No console for this one. But I can play it on a plane, in the library or during meetings :)) and get to racing.

As a tech junkie, I love that the physics are really accurate. But as a racing enthusiast, the best part is feeling like you’re sitting in the seat. I mean, it’s a simulator, not an out-of-car experience. It feels like real-life racing, which is great for me as a person who doesn’t actually drive a race car, just work on one, but who has and loved the experience.

The surrounds are awesome, the environment is realistic and, frankly, VRacer is freaking fun.

Another thing I love about it is I can play with my friends – they have some of the sickest in-game challenges and scenarios I’ve ever seen on a racing game. You can simulate up to 50 (yeah, 50!!) competitors or just add as many friends as you want.

Anyway, I know exams are approaching and you should be, ahem, studying but I wanted to share one of my favorite underground racing games that you may never have heard of. Can anyone say Christmas gift? It’s a bit hard to find, so check it out here (or send your mom the link ;-)).


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